Anticipating and Planning for the New Era of Travel

Rethinking travel and changing your perceptions is the key to getting the most out of your travel time

Flight delays. Flight cancellations. Lost luggage. TSA checkpoints. Baggage screening. Customs. Turbulence. Little leg room. Hotel rooms not satisfactory or not ready. These are a few of the inconveniences that can set a vacation up for failure.

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Carnival Cruise Line is trying to weather a sea of ill-will by offering August trips for as little as $28 a day which for some is cheaper than staying home. Carnival has yet to disclose what precautions it will be taking to prevent further outbreaks. Until it does, $28/day cruises might not be enough to dispel passenger fears of jumping aboard another floating disaster. 

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COVID-19 (coronavirus) is making people rethink what a vacation looks like. How can we get the adventure and connections we crave without going through airports or taking a cruise? RVs answer that call.

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As we head into the summer months of 2020, the aftermath of the stay-at-home orders are affecting the way we think about travel plans and how we spend time outside our homes as safely as possible. 

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Numerous travelers have ditched an overseas vacation or cruise in favor of a road trip. When traveling in an RV, you don’t have to wait to get to the hotel to unpack and begin enjoying the trip, you aren’t affected by flight cancellations or delays, and every layover “stop” can be planned by you. You will never arrive at an unsatisfactory room because your luxury condo-on-wheels is your method of travel.

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The idea of vacation has changed significantly over the last few decades—even in the last few weeks. We have to get creative and change our perceptions of what makes for successful time off. The idea of vacationing more often and exploring more frequently has been a growing trend in recent years.

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And as the world begins to return to some semblance of normal, it’s likely that “normal” will look and feel quite different. Our idea of getting away may shift in unexpected ways. Lavish, all-inclusive trips may give way to a minimalist approach in a desert expanse or a quiet forest. As we shift our expectations, some of the necessary lifestyle modifications may turn out to be exactly what we needed to achieve the relaxation we need.

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More than ever before in recent history, people are cognizant of the safety requirements to maintain their health during the pandemic. The perception of walking into a hotel or restaurant with other people has changed simply because there’s an unseen risk that didn’t cross our minds a few months ago. An RV is a self-contained home on wheels that include a full kitchen, bathroom, sleeping and lounging areas, and entertainment which keep the family safe and healthy.

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Few things having to do with travel will be unchanged in the post-coronavirus world but the road trip will be least affected—at least from a regulatory standpoint. No one will tell you to wear a mask or take your temperature before you hit the road this summer.

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People will continue to be wary of crowded locations. Many will avoid the close quarters of airplanes, cruise ships, hotels, and restaurants with 93 percent of those polled stating they will avoid crowds.

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Here’s what your road trip of the future may look like. This will be the summer of road trips with the family including stops in national parks and state park and local recreation areas. It’s a controlled environment and a chance to spend time as a family and see the country—not just the airports or ports of call.

The roads are clear, fuel is a great bargain, and as places reopen they’ll be ready for you. Also, it’s easy to maintain social distancing.

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There’s nothing better than having your own space to come back to after a day of hiking or biking, lounging on the beach, or exploring a national or state park. Shower up, cook your own meal, relax with your favorite book or show, and settle down in your own bed.

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An RV is your self-contained home on wheels and gives you plenty of choices about how your travel experience looks and feels. Steering clear of busy public areas and eschewing the recycled air on a crowded flight will likely be smart decisions when trying to stay healthy in the coming months—and possibly for years to come

Worth Pondering…

As Yogi Berra said, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”