Life after Coronavirus: Ready to Travel as Soon as it’s Safe? So Is Everyone Else

How to stay safe but get somewhere too? Recreational vehicles are perfect for self-isolating at 65 mph.

The first half of 2020 has been filled with twists, turns, and roadblocks none of us expected. We’ve had to change our lifestyle … say good-bye … learn to wait. 

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Everyone has a touch of cabin fever after the worldwide COVID-19 (coronavirus) lockdowns. So it’s no surprise that people want to travel soon. The travel industry took a hit during the crisis. Suddenly the idea of crowded airports made travel less appealing or even impossible for most people. It was no different for the RV industry. With campgrounds shutting down and stay-at-home mandates, RVing was also put on hold.

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But, this pandemic won’t last forever and it’s important to look to the brighter future. After spending months at home cooped up inside, many people are planning to book, or rebook, a much-needed vacation.

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According to a recent survey of RV travelers, 77 percent are looking to make travel plans within the next three months. While the rush back to airports or hotels in busy cities will take more time, many will turn to RV travel.

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RVing is the ideal way to travel to not only avoid large groups, but a way to escape into nature and spend time outdoors whether it’s hiking your favorite trails, reading a book beside the lake, or cozying up around a campfire. RVs not only enable the outdoor lifestyle; they also provide a self-contained existence that other forms of travel don’t allow.

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RV travel allows people to sleep in their own bed, cook gourmet meals, and control where they go and when. As federal and state restrictions are lifted, they’ll be able to experience the endless range of outdoor wonders throughout the country and the freedom of independent travel that RVs offer.

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RVs are the ultimate self-contained units—it’s the reason why so many RVs are being used by medical professionals and others to self-isolate during the COVID-19 pandemic. RVs range from small towables to large motorhomes and many of them are designed to be completely self-contained with generators, solar panels, and laundry facilities.

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RVs provide travelers control: they allow people to travel where they want and when they want. And they do this with the ability to stay connected with family and friends. These features are particularly attractive during this most unprecedented time. RVs provide a wonderful opportunity for people to enjoy vacations with their families while still adhering to social distancing which may stayin place in some form for a considerable time.

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Trips that focus on outdoors/nature will be on the rise. People are ready to stretch their legs and get outside after months of being confined indoors with 65 percent of travelers reporting they will be heading somewhere in nature such as a national or state park.

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Most RV parks provide site maps on their websites which offers the ability to note the general layout of the park along with the amount space between sites. Privately owned and operated parks usually offer numerous amenities including full hookups, Wi-Fi, cable TV, and laundry facilities. Public campgrounds offer fewer amenities and are typically found in national and state parks and local recreational areas. Visit to find listings of campgrounds on US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and other public lands. 

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What kind of trips will be popular after the pandemic? 

RV travel, outdoor and nature style experiences like camping will likely see a surge of popularity. Vacations that minimize risks by avoiding crowded areas such as large cities and public transportation will provide a sense of comfort and security.

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That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed this edition of RVing with Rex.

Worth Pondering…

As Yogi Berra said, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”