These RV Makers Put the Super in 2024 Super C Luxury Motorhomes

When an RV manufacturer produces something with super in the name, you know its extra special. These 2024 Super C luxury motorhomes live up to that expectation. A handful of the biggest RV manufacturers offer this high end RV option. In this article, you’ll learn what sets their chassis, floor plans, appliances, and amenities apart from the rest.

Let’s take a look at four favorite 2024 Super C luxury motorhomes.

First, what exactly is a Super C motorhome?

As it turns out there is extensive debate among RVers about the exact definition of a Super C motorhome. “A true Super C is on a minimum Class 6 but more often on a Class 7 or 8 truck Chassis such as a Freightliner M2 or Cascadia. A Super C will tow 20,000 pounds or more,” explains iRV2 Forums member scott.bryan.

Many RV manufacturers call their beefed-up Class C motorhome a Super C model even though it sits on a truck chassis that’s lighter than a Class 7.

But generally speaking here’s what most RVers can agree on when it comes to the definition of a Class C motorhome.

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Super C motorhomes are built on a more robust, medium or heavy-duty chassis than a regular Class C. As a result, a Super C can tow heavier loads than a regular Class C or Class A motorhome.

The Super C motorhome engine location makes this type of RV easier to get serviced. Any commercial truck repair shop can work on it as opposed to Class A motorhomes (diesel pushers) with engines that only RV service centers know how to repair.

Aerodynamics of the Super C motorhome design and heavier chassis gives it more stability in heavy winds than any other motorhome.

Safety is another standout feature of all Super Cs. Their chassis are built by commercial truck manufacturers like Freightliner and Volvo, all of which are required to install driver and passenger airbags in cabs. RV manufacturers are not required to install airbags in their smaller motorhome models.

A Super C motorhome resembles a regular Class C motorhome with that trademark cab over engine design but that’s about where it stops. The more robust chassis, heavier towing capacity, and structural integrity of the Super C motorhome makes it a standout option for greater safety, towability, and maneuverability than other RVs of similar length and sleeping capacity.

All of these factors are what give Super C motorhomes a loyal fan base and a higher price tag as you’ll see in these 2024 models. Keep in mind that MSRP fluctuates. Prices may be slightly lower or higher by the time you read this.

Four fabulous 2024 Super C motorhomes

It’s tricky to pick the best overall Super C motorhome because every buyer is looking for something different. Some rank storage capacity over towing abilities and vice versa. But in general these models all have great selling points that make them worth further investigation if you’re in the market.

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1. Most Affordable Super C: Thor Omni LV35

First up is the Thor Omni LV35 from Thor Motor Coach. The Ford F550 XLT chassis that it sits on falls in that gray area of “Is it a Super C or isn’t it?” Some may argue that it’s not a true Super C. But the low entry-point cost of this 4×4 rig makes it a solid all-around choice for anyone interested in test driving a Super C motorhome with one of the lowest MSRPs in 2024.

Chassis: Ford F550 XLT

Engine: F600 Power Stroke® 4×4 Turbo Diesel V8

Length: 36 feet, 4 inches

Hitch: 12,000 pounds

GVWR: 22,000 pounds

MRSP: $293,823

Measuring at just over 36 feet long, the size is fairly manageable on the roads and inside campgrounds. The four-wheel drive capabilities also gives excellent maneuverability for backcountry boondocking.

This model has an interior height of 84-inches and has sleeping space for up to four passengers to enjoy one king and one queen-sized bed. With 75-gallons of fresh water tank capacity, 80-gallons of waste water tank space, and a 500-watt solar electric power system, it’s a great choice for a first-time Super C motorhome buyer.

Newmar Supreme Super C motorhome © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

2. Best Luxury Super C: Newmar Supreme Aire 4509

Newmar is famous for luxurious Class A motorhomes but this Newmar 2024 Supreme Aire Super C motorhome is worth a look for anyone thinking about joining the Super C owners’ community.

Chassis: Freightliner® M2 112

Engine: 525 horsepower Detroit Diesel DD12

Length: 44 feet, 11 inches

Hitch: 30,000 pounds

GVWR: 58,000 pounds

MRSP: $725,496

Available in four different floorplans, the 4509 version can sleep up to eight and features a bunkhouse design with 1.5 baths. This makes it ideal for families or traveling with the grandkids. And if boondocking is your goal, you’re set with the 150-gallon fresh water tank, 100-gallon gray and black tanks, washer/dryer combo, and more luxuries any Newmar buyer will love.

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3. Most Sleeping Capacity: Jayco Seneca Prestige 37L

Super C motorhome owners love the extra sleeping capacity built into this RV. Jayco’s 2024 Seneca Prestige 37L has one of the highest sleeping capacities with bed options for up to nine people. Take the whole family along for the ride and enjoy features like:

Chassis: Freightliner® S2RV Plus

Engine: Cummins® ISB 6.7L

Length: 39 feet, 4 inches

Hitch: 12,000 pounds

GVWR: 31,000 pounds

MRSP: $382,050

Jayco packs a ton of standard features into a Super C less than 40 feet long. From the 8,000W diesel generator with auto-gen start to the Thetford Sani-Con Turbo Macerator System, Aqua-Hot® 250D hydronic water and heating system, walk-around king size bed and 5,000 btu thermostat-controlled electric fireplace, this rig has everything necessary for comfortable camping adventures.

Entegra Accolade Super C motorhome © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

4. Best for Full-Time Living: Entegra Accolade 37K

Short camping adventures are fun but when you’re searching for a full-time RV home, the Entegra Accolade Super C is a strong contender worth considering.

Chassis: Freightliner® S2RV

Engine: Cummins® ISB 6.7L 360 HP diesel engine

Length: 39 feet, 4 inches

Hitch: 21,000 pounds

GVWR: 31,000 pounds

MRSP: $350,000

Super C’s have a reputation for not having as much storage as Class A motorhomes but this one defies stereotypes. Entegra built the Accolade with enormous pass-through, water-tight storage capacity in the chassis.

The rear section has a spacious king size bedroom and spacious bathroom. Hidden in a storage compartment is a stackable RV washer/dryer combo which takes away the drudgery of heading to the laundromat on laundry day.

The rest of the vehicle is dedicated to a cozy living room/kitchen combination. Kick back on the 93-inch reclining sofa, enjoy cozy dinners in the dinette, and relax with the fireplace and mounted entertainment center. A large-scale outdoor entertainment center with exterior refrigerator option can move your RV parties outdoors when the weather’s just right.

About the only downside to the Entegra are the small holding tanks. At just 72 gallons of fresh water and up to 90 gallons of waste tanks space, you won’t be boondocking for too long if you give it a try with this rig. But overall, if you want to RV full-time in style and comfort, the Entegra Accolade 37K is a great choice.

I hope this Super C motorhome roundup gives you a better idea of their value. Now you know what makes Super C RVs different from regular Class C motorhomes. Are you interested in learning more? Here are some articles to help:

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