These Travel Quotes Will Inspire You to Hit the Road

Looking for inspiration to hit the road? I have put together 65 of the best road trip quotes to inspire you to get in your RV and drive!

Expanding your horizons! A desire to explore the unknown! Connection! Adventure! These are the tenets that unite travelers in that shared experience so many of us know and love.

Maybe you’re the kind of traveler who likes to throw away the map and get lost or perhaps you’re the type that prefers to have an itinerary with a carefully curated list of things to see and do. In any case, dreaming up future trips is half the fun, and allowing your imagination to run wild with fantasies of backcountry drives or long walks through cobblestone streets is always a joy.

Whether RV travel has been a regular part of your life or you’re just now itching to explore, there is no shortage of inspiration to help fuel that wanderlust. Here are 65 quotes about travel to inspire your next road trip.

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Adventure is worthwhile.

―Aesop (620-564 BC)

To travel is to live.

—Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875)

Travel in the younger sort is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.

—Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal.

— Paulo Coelho

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.

—Lao Tzu (6th century BC)

We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.

—Anaïs Nin (1903-1977)

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I was here, I saw this, and it mattered to me.

—Alain de Botton, The Art of Travel

Half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness.

—Ray Bradbury

My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been.

—Diane Arbus

Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else.

—Lawrence Block

Get your motor runnin’
Head out on the highway
Lookin’ for adventure
And whatever comes our way
Yeah Darlin’ go make it happen
Take the world in a love embrace
Fire all of your guns at once
And explode into space.

Born To Be Free, words and music by Mars Bonfire

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Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.

—Terry Pratchett

To get away from one’s working environment is, in a sense, to get away from one’s self; and this is often the chief advantage of travel and change.

—Charles Horton Cooley

Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.

—Anatole France (1844-1924)

One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.

—Andre Gide

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to control it.
—John Steinbeck (1902-1968)

Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body.
—Anthony Bourdain

Sometimes you have to travel a long way to find what is near.
—Paulo Coelho

When we get out of the glass bottle of our ego and when we escape like the squirrels in the cage of our personality and get into the forest again, we shall shiver with cold and fright. But things will happen to us so that we don’t know ourselves. Cool, unlying life will rush in.

—D.H. Lawrence (1885-1930)

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Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast—you miss the sense of where you’re going and why.

—Eddie Cantor

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.

—Lewis Carrol (1832-1898)

For the born traveler, travelling is a besetting vice. Like other vices, it is imperious, demanding its victim’s time, money, energy and the sacrifice of comfort.

—Aldous Huxley (1894-1963)

Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way.

—Emma Chase

Life is like a road that you travel on
When there’s one day here and the next day gone
Sometimes you bend, sometimes you stand
Sometimes you turn your back to the wind

Life is a highway
I wanna ride it all night long
If you’re going my way
I wanna drive it all night long
Come on. Give me give me give me give me yeah

—recorded by Tom Cochrane from his second studio album, Mad Mad World (1991)

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The journey not the arrival matters.

—T. S. Eliot (1888-1965)

The road goes on forever the party never ends…

—Joe Ely, musician

Experience, travel—these are as education in themselves.

—Euripides (480-406 BC)

However one reaches the parks, the main thing is to slow down and absorb the natural wonders at leisure.

—Michael Frome

Now more than ever do I realize that I shall never be content with a sedentary life,
and that I shall always be haunted by thoughts of a sun-drenched elsewhere.

—Isabelle Eberhardt

Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quiestest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.

—Pat Conroy

Once a year go somewhere you have never been before.

—Dalai Lama

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Traveling is almost like talking with men of other centuries.

—René Descartes (1596-1650)

Two roads diverged in a wood, and

I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

—Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken (1873-1963)

The minute I step foot in the motorhome, I feel at ease. I don’t have anything else to think about except taking care of my family.

—Actress Jennie Garth

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters in the end.

—Ursala K. Guin

Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions.

—Peter Hoeg

Every perfect traveler always creates the country where he travels.

— Nikos Kazantzakis

“Where are we going, man?”

“I don’t know, but we gotta go.”

—Jack Kerouac, On the Road (1922-1969)

The open road is a beckoning, a strangeness, a place where a man can lose himself.

—William Least Heat Moon

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My travels led me to where I am today. Sometimes these steps have felt painful, difficult, but led me to greater happiness and opportunities.

—Diana Ross

I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.

I travel for travel’s sake.

The great affair is to move.

—Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)

The Road goes ever on and on

Down from the door where it began

Now far ahead the Road has gone,

And I must follow, if I can,

Pursuing it with eager feet,

Until it joins some larger way

Where many paths and errands meet

And whither then, I cannot say.

—J.R.R. Tolkien (1892-1973)

Your road is everything that a road ought to be…

And yet you will not stay in it half a mile, for the reason that little, seductive, mysterious roads are always branching out from it on either hand, and as these curve sharply also and hide what is beyond, you cannot resist the temptation to desert your own chosen road and explore them.

—Mark Twain (1835-1910)

One of the great things about travel is that you find out how many good, kind people there are.
—Edith Wharton (1862-1937)

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Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,

Healthy, free, the world before me,

The long brown trail before me leading wherever I choose.

—Walt Whitman (1819-1892)

People travel to wonder at the height of the mountains, at the huge waves of the seas, at the long course of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars, and yet they pass by themselves without wondering.

—Augustine of Hippo (354-430)

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.

—Seneca, Roman Stoic philosopher (4 BC-AD 65)

The journey is my home.

—Muriel Rukeyser (1913-1980)

Travel does what good novelists also do to the life of everyday, placing it like a picture in a frame or a gem in its setting, so that the intrinsic qualities are made more clear. Travel does this with the very stuff that everyday life is made of, giving to it the sharp contour and meaning of art.

—Freya Stark (1893-1993)

Journeys, like artists, are born and not made. A thousand differing circumstances contribute to them, few of them willed or determined by the will—whatever we may think.

—Lawrence Durrell (1912-1990)

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

—Dr. Seuss (1904-1991)

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On the road again, goin’ places that I’ve never been, seein’ things that I may never see again, and I can’t wait to get on the road again.

—Willie Nelson, On The Road Again

Why I travel: to learn and grow, to challenge myself, stretch my limits and foster an appreciation of both the world at large and the chair waiting in front of the woodstove back home.

—Tim Patterson

The time to prepare for your next expedition is when you have just returned from a successful trip.

—Robert Peary (1856-1920)

The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life.
—Agnes Repplier (1855-1950)

When you travel you experience, in a very practical way, the act of rebirth. You confront completely new situations, the day passes more slowly, and on most journeys you don’t even understand the language the people speak….You begin to be more accessible to others, because they may be able to help you in difficult situations.

—Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage

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Roads were made for journeys, not destinations.

—Confucius (551-479 BC)

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.

—Scott Cameron

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.

—Edward Abbey (1927-1989)

Life’s an open road.

—Bryan Adams, Open Road

Stuff your eyes with wonder…live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.

—Ray Bradbury (1920-2012)

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.

—Martin Buber (1878-1965)

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A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.

—Tim Cahill

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.
—Henry Miller (1891-1980)

Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.

—Miriam Beard (1876-1958)